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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Celtic Connections 2010: Beth Nielsen Chapman, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 25 January

This was the third time (maybe the fourth) I'd seen Beth, so I knew I was going to enjoy the concert. It began very well, with a set from Charlie Dore and the Hula Valley Orchestra. They played a kind of tuneful ballad-laden folk-rock not far removed from that of BNC herself. Then came Beth, instantly getting fankled up in guitar straps and cables and establishing a very rapid bond with the audience as she sorted herself out. She has a new album out (Back To Love) which was released on the day of the concert and which BBC Radio 2 had made record of the week. In the course of the evening she did a lot of the songs from it, but still found time for some of the old favourites. So we had Sand and Water (well, duh), Happy Girl, This Kiss, All I Have, Shake My Soul and Emily. Her band were excellent, and supplemented for some numbers by Phil Cunningham on accordion and whistle. I suspect Beth is in love with Glasgow. I am certain that Glasgow is in love with Beth Nielsen Chapman.

BTW, the new album would seem to be excellent. I have all her albums of original songs but had not bothered with the ones of hymns and other religious music. This one is a definite return to her form of theouTou Hold The Key" and "Sand and Water" era.


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