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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Plane Crazy

On the topic of deluded fools, here's Debbie Schlussel, ultra-rightwing blogger, being taken for a ride by a "War On Terror" wannabe. Even when the story is comprehensively proved to be a Walter Mitty fantasy by someone who wasn't even there to watch, let alone get involved, she still believes she's the only person in the universe who knows the truth. Now she's harping on about this non-event (apart from that one report, all Google hits for "United 227" are to Schlussel's article). Hmmm...."Passengers say a bomb-sniffing dog was brought onto the plane" - so they can tell a bomb-sniffer from a drugs/cash/contraband sniffer (or indeed a dead body sniffer)? By sight? These would be the same passengers, then, who described all the men involved as "looking Middle Eastern"?

Mind you, even Schlussel's terror of Muslims is eclipsed by this seriously nasty piece of work running for Congress in Minnesota. Still, I have enough faith in Americans in gemeral to be pretty sure she hasn't a chance in hell of getting elected. (Setting myself up for a starring role in Leon Festinger's next book, I know....)


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