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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The official, the alternative, and the sick

For some of us, the passing of Tony Blair as Prime Minister was sad because it meant an end to the St Albion's Parish News columns in Private Eye, where the sanctimonious creep was regularly lampooned.

Still, for anyone who wants a good laugh, here is the Pretty Straight Guy delivering himself of a Christmas message. Because, of course, we were all waiting for that with bated breath. Unbelievable. Literally unbelievable: one need only apply the Richard Nixon "Would you buy a used car from this man?" test as you watch. He certainly oozes something, but it isn't inner conviction.

At least Her Majesty has people who know about aspect ratios, unlike the Blair groupuscules at the "Tony Blair Office" Youtube group. (It appears to be connected to Blair's site at www.tonyblairoffice.org, though the one at www.tonyblairoffice.org.uk is both funnier and more realistic. It appears however that TB's broadcast is actually genuine.) And unlike Blair, she at least gives the impression of caring about someone besides herself.

Meanwhile, anyone wishing a genuine alternative to the Queen's message, here is someone genuinely inspiring delivering the Channel 4 version. Sadly, Tony Blair in his inglorious career contributed far more to putting people into Katie's sutuation than he did to relieving their suffering. "Do what we can to show our love for His creation and for our fellow humans", forsooth (from the sainted Tony's message). Pass the bucket.


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