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Saturday, December 05, 2009

The BBC report on the "Large" "Hadron" "Collider"

Anna has been enjoying the punctuation fairy's liberality with "quotation marks". Used in the oddest "places". My mother used to do it sometimes, so it gives me a strangely "nostalgic" feeling. Oh God, now I'm doing it.

Anyway, the aforementioned fairy has taken up residence at the BBC. Here is the Beeb reporting on the start-up of the LHC at CERN. I liked the bit that read

Housed in a tunnel 100m beneath the Franco-Swiss border, the LHC uses some 1,200 "superconducting" magnets to bend proton beams in opposite directions around the tunnel at close to the speed of light. At allotted points around the "ring", the proton beams cross, smashing into one another with enormous energy. Large "detector" machines located at these crossing points will scour the wreckage of the collisions for discoveries that could roll back the frontiers of knowledge.

Anyone who can explain the presence of any of those quotation marks should have a go at unravelling Tony Blair's finances.


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