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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Avoid Seetickets.com whatever you do - they are crooks

It may sound odd for me to be warning you off the company from whom I obtained my Status Quo tickets, but there is a reason. At the same time as I bought the Quo tickets, I ordered a ticket to see The Only Ones in Glasgow:

You have booked to attend THE ONLY ONES at The Garage, Glasgow on SATURDAY
12/12/2009 at 19.00

You have ordered the following tickets

Reference 23093889 - 1 STANDING at £ 18.65
Plus a Transaction fee of £ 2.25

Tickets will be despatched as soon as possible, but may not be received until the
week of the event. If your tickets haven't arrived 48 hours before the event, please
contact us.

You have been charged a total of £ 20.90 and this will appear on your statement as

To check the status of your entry tickets go to http://www.seetickets.com/tracker

This order is subject to See Tickets getting authorisation from your card issuer for
the funds requested, and the terms and conditions which can be viewed here

Which would have been fine had The Only Ones been playing Glasgow on Saturday 12/12/09. In fact they were playing in London, which fact clearly didn't stop Seetickets from offering tickets for both venues on the same night right up to last week, for example via NME Ticketline:

The Only Ones Tickets For All On-Sale Tour Dates And Concerts
NME Ticketline: 0871 230 1094

The Only Ones tickets are currently on sale! Here's the latest gig listings, and where you can buy The Only Ones concert tickets

TICKET SEARCH: Date / Time Artist Venue Town/City Buy

Dec 10, 2009 20:00 The Only Ones Brudenell Social Club Leeds Buy The Only Ones tickets
from Seetickets
Dec 11, 2009 19:30 The Only Ones The Assembly Leamington Spa Buy The Only Ones tickets
from Seetickets
Dec 12, 2009 19:00 The Only Ones The Garage Glasgow Buy The Only Ones tickets
from Seetickets
Dec 12, 2009 19:00 The Only Ones The Relentless Garage London Buy The Only Ones tickets from

So when I received a ticket for a gig 500 miles from the one I had ordered (and had confirmed) - and I should point out that the actual gig did take place in London - I attempted to contact Seetickets via their Customer Service webpage which has one of these setups where you key your message in and it's transmitted (supposedly) via the webpage rather than via email. I got no reply, so looked for a phone number. The only one is for WEST END THEATRE BOOKINGS ONLY and according to a web search is never answered anyway. Certainly not when I tried. No email address is given except for one to report software faults. I tried that (after a series of failures to send a message via the web page) and it bounced as invalid. An address I got from a web search didn't bounce, but came back with an automated response saying I should use the customer services page. I tried that again: no reply, of course.

I doubt I shall see my £20.90 again, but I am going to report this bunch of chancers to the trading standards people for offering items for sale which don't exist and then refusing refunds. If I'd done a web search before using them in the first place I would probably have run a mile, as the web is full of their customers who have had tickets delivered late or incorrectly, and have then been unable to contact anyone to complain.

Following my recent experience with ukticketweb.com, who let me down at the last minute so my group couldn't go at all to what was evidently a great Muse gig in Glasgow, I shall in future use only venues' own box offices, official festival sites, or Ticketmaster, who have never yet let me down.


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