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Monday, November 09, 2009

Someone suggested that we could get real poppies from the Taliban

On Saturday night Hilary and I played in a concert given by Edinburgh Light Orchestra. When the dress instructions were being given out, it was suggested that we should all wear poppies as it was during the run-up to Remembrance Day. This led to a certain amount of debate within the orchestra among those (including Hilary and myself) who don't wear poppies on the grounds that they are commemorating only military dead, only British military dead, and only a subset of British military dead at that (the Gurkhas, for example, never see a penny of the money raised). I didn't organise myself properly this year: usually I wear a white poppy from the Quaker Peace Pledge Union, which commemorates all those who have doed in wars, whether combatants or civilians (and obviously includes those from all sides in the conflicts). However, even if I had been sporting a white poppy I wouldn't have worn it to the concert: wearing no poppy makes the point without attracting undue attention.

So you won't be surprised that I liked this article by Marina Hyde from Thursday's Guardian. Though to avoid misunderstanding I should perhaps point out that absolutely no pressure was applied to either Hilary or myself, or any other non-wearers, over Saturday's concert, which we thoroughly enjoyed.


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