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Saturday, November 28, 2009

.....and Lady Mondegreen

Regular readers will know that I'm pretty fussy about my Mondegreens. In particular, I get very annoyed by the supposedly "misheard" lyrics that pepper most of the sites on the web and which are nothing of the kind, and couldn't by any suspension disbelief be anything other than someone's lame attempt at a pun which they are trying to pass off as a Mondegreen. Sometimes deliberate ones work OK, but they do have to be clever.

This video, it seems to me, is a mix of plausible mishearings and clever inventions, with very few lame ducks. I think my favourites (excluding ones I'd heard before like "Me Ears Are Alight") are the ones by Nirvana, Billy Ocean, Kula Shaker, Eiffel 65 and Michael Jackson.

Have fun.


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