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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Blistering barnacles - me creator's dead!

A couple of weeks late posting this, but reading of John Ryan's death brought the mempories flooding back. Not simply of Captain Pugwash, huge fan though I was (and for me it will always be a black & white TV series showing at Sunday tea-time, with wonderfully low-tech animation comprising hand-operated cardboard cutouts with mouths that opened and closed at a slightly oblique angle). I was also reminded of Sir Prancelot, which I had forgotten (though the theme music came back to me at once) but which I enjoyed: and also the strip cartoons Harris Tweed (in Eagle) and Lettice Leefe (in Girl). We got the latter to send to my cousin in Ontario, in exchange for which we received the comic section of some Canadian paper. Thus I got not only to develop my feminine side, but to read Dick Tracy, Blondie, B.C., The Wizard of Id and Peanuts before they were widely-known in the UK.

But Pugwash holds a special place in my affections, and whenever Talk Like A Pirate Day comes round it's Pugwash and his Cabin Boy, rather than Jack Sparrow, who comes to mind.


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