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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Videos: Moving and Fun

In celebration of the fact that I've booked tickets for a joint gig by Status Quo and Roy Wood, here is a video of Quo doing I Can Hear The Grass Grow. Surprisngly well, actually.

Or not, as it seems to have been removed from Youtube in the past couple of days. Oh well. Here are The Move doing it anyway:

And here is an amazing video of Quo with the Beach Boys (including Brian Wilson singing with them for the first time in about 30 years) doing Fun, Fun, Fun.

While I have seen that whole stageful playing live, it was in three separate gigs (Beach Boys/Brian Wilson/Quo). I must say I would love to have been present for the show they videoed.

And in passing, a word of admiration for one of my all-time favourite couplets:

Well the girls can't stand her 'cos she walks and she drives like an ace now,
She makes the Indy Five Hundred look like a Roman chariot race now....


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