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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jonathan Sacks and the Half-Blood Jew

On the very same page as that Guardian article about Chris Bryant was this one about the Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks. Sir Jonathan is calling for Jews to defend their schools against English law. We all know, because the Daily Mail, Sir Jonathan, and the rest of the media circus continually tell us, that any suggestion of Muslims being allowed to use sharia law to govern any part of their lives is un-British, a sign of the Muslim domination of Western society, and utterly intolerable. apprently, though, UK law isn't good enough for the Chief Rabbi when it comes to allowing a Jewish school to apply racial purity rules to its prospective pupils. If your mother was born Jewish, that's OK. If she is a convert, it doesn't matter how devout your Judaism, your face doesn't fit. Not surprisingly, this racial profiling has been ruled to be, er, racist by a British court. Yet the Chief Rabbi considers this acceptable religious practice, and that to uphold the law of the land in which he lives is to brand Judaism racist. Well, he said it, not the court. If he considers that racial superiority and consequent discrimination in education is a cornerstone of Judaism, I suppose he knows best. I suspect there are a lot of decent Jews out there who had no idea that they were supposed to look down on their less fortunate mudblood brethren. And a lot of decent Jews who thought that by coming to Britain they had escaped a regime that judged them on the basis of their genetics. We live and learn, eh? Still, they can rest secure in the knowledge that British law will indeed, as they presumably trusted, protect them from Sacks and his DNA police.

The question is, will we see the Daily Mail, Harry's Place and the other bastions of Islamophobic nonsense springing to the defence of British law against the imported theocracy of a bunch of people who are simply unwilling to integrate into a modern Western society? No, just kidding.


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