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Monday, June 22, 2009

There are three outfits where blood ties don't count THAT much, Danny Boy, and they all begin with M: the Mafia, the Magic Circle, and the Majestics

The long overdue (and pretty much given-up-on) DVD release of this has gladdened my heart. Emma Thompson before she was a star. Robbie Coltrane before Cracker. Richard Wilson before One Foot In The Grave. Maurice Roeves being as brilliant as ever. And it comes out on my birthday!


At 22 June, 2009 11:01, Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I can only assume that either they have spent a fortune on rights clearances for the songs OR they have given up and taken the 'Takin' Over the Asylum' tactic of using cover versions. kind, surely the stuff with the band performing should only have needed song clearances?

But yes, GLADDENS my heart (and what a birthday gift for you!)

At 22 June, 2009 11:02, Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

PS August 3rd? That was my mum's birthday...!

At 22 June, 2009 14:02, Blogger Persephone said...

Something with Emma Thompson in it of which I have not heard? It sounds nifty! I have a universal DVD player now; I take it I should purchase this?

At 22 June, 2009 22:34, Blogger naldo said...

Persephone, it's the best thing Emma Thompson ever did in her life (in my very humble opinion of course). You should mos def purchase this.

It may now look like a pile of cringeworthy, dated, parochial, 80's Scottish jobbies. But i bet it doesnae.

Great cast, great writer, fab tunes. I cannae wait to seeit again.

At 24 June, 2009 15:37, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Universal DVD players, sounds like a brilliant idea, so us furriners can see interesting things like this.

At 27 June, 2009 12:09, Blogger Rob said...

Persephone: what naldo said, Ema is very good indeed in it, and you should get it.

Joe: we have a region 2 DVD player but it's possible to get them (whisper) upgraded via the internet. You send off your money and rent a fancy remote control for a few days. When you follow the instructions that come with it and press the right buttons, all of a sudden you can play any DVD. We did it not just for the small number of Region 1 DVDs we have, but because we have quite a lot of region 0 stuff which played fine on our previous box but not on our current one until we zapped it. The furriner thing works both ways: there are quite a few things only available as Region 1 ,like Ingmar Bergman's wonderful filem of "The Magic Flute".


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