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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The kind of thing the Scots want independence from

Further to Luggy's Lunacy, it would seem that in Nu-Labour's "egalitarian" Britain patronage still counts for more than democracy. What I find saddest about the while thing is that not only has a decent design been flung on the scrapheap because of HRH's distaste for anything more modern than a bathing-machine, but it's to be replaced by something from his own Foundation For The Built Environment, which gave us such masterpieces as Poundbury. And there I was imagining that planning authorities had a say in these things.

I really, really hope that Wales predeceases his mother, because the thought of how the arrogant tosser would strut about as king doesn't bear thinking about. And I hope that when it happens, the empty-headed oaf is aware that he is being denied what he has hungered for all his worthless life.

Interestingly, the article from the Guardian of 13 June entitled "Prince Charles beats architects in battle of Chelsea Barracks" appears to have vanished, with at least one link to the piece now pointing to the 12 June article linked above. Coincidence?


At 18 June, 2009 20:34, Blogger naldo said...

I'd describe Luggy as a wank but a wank is of course a good thing.

Grrrrr. That republic cannae come soon enough.


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