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Saturday, May 23, 2009

We know where you park

From the BBC

Oh goody, more surveillance to go with the DNA database and ID cards. All for our own good of course, and supposedly the public supports it (according to the BBC, that is).

If "innocent people have nothing to fear from the way we use it" why has it already been used to to track and threaten a wholly innocent bloke whose political opinions happen to include opposition to the Iraq war? "We know what's best for you": the mantra of dictators everywhere


At 23 May, 2009 19:57, Anonymous Phil said...

The Catt case is disgusting - but of course they're going to use their powers like that if we let them. The sad thing is that Labour in power seem to think that the phrases 'police powers' and 'blank cheque' go together.

As it happens I was a couple of years ahead of you on this one. The reply from the lovely Ms Blears has to be seen to be believed.


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