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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Von hier an in sehr allmaehlicher aber stetiger Steigerung bis zum Zeichen

OK, I admit it. One of the reasons my blogging has become patchier of late is that I have taken to hanging around Facebook, finding people I'd forgotten I knew and viewing pictures of wild parties attended by people less than half my age. Not to mention playing online Scrabble, feeding a virtual pet (which fortunately doesn't need real-time attention or it would be dead by now), undertaking strange quizzes from which I gather that if I were a key signature I would be F sharp major (Tippett Second Quartet - delightful) , and slightly less strange ones such as the one in which I scored 71% for identifying musical figures such as Captain Beefheart and Nico, and bands such as Moby Grape and The Mothers Of Invention, from photographs. (The post-punk American stuff let me down.) Yes, if a blog is the digital answer to the shed as the middle-aged man's refuge from reality, Facebook is the neighbouring greenhouse to which everyone in the neighbourhood keeps dropping in, rather like the party on the train in Some Like It Hot.

So anyway, what with Marilyn Monroe and the Manhattans and all that, I'm getting a bit behind with my reviewing. On the positive side, though, one of my wife's fellow music lecturers posted a marvellous link which I felt I had to share with the world. It will prove funniest to those readers with the most experience of Mahler, especially as players, but even a fairly cursory knowledge of Gustav's style should unlock most of the humour. And you really don't need to know any German, though it doesn't hurt.


At 07 May, 2009 14:59, Blogger Persephone said...

Loved the Mahler markings! After a session with Mahler, I always feel rather like I've been eating very very rich food -- sleepy, sluggish, and just a wee bit queasy...

After nearly two years on Facebook, I find it's a good way to keep tabs on my relations under-forty. Everyone else seems to revert to email eventually.


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