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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The unspeakable in pursuit of the incomprehensible

Yes, the old fool is at it again. Prince Charles is apparently planning to tell tonight's audience at the Royal Institute of British Architects (which is unlikely to contain many British architects) how terrible this beastly modern stuff is, and how vital it is that all British buildings should be rooted in the past like his joke of an estate at Poundbury. Perish the thought (sorry, thort) that anyone might want to build decent affordable housing (sorry, hyzing) instead of hand-knitted organic pastiche. How dreadful that the Qatari Royal Family, despite the Prince's clear instructions, should wish to continue with a plan for the Chelsea Barracks site which celebrates modern British architecture instead of plumping for a sort of P.D.Q. Wren monstrosity by one of the Prince's pals. Architects, he reminds the audience, are "placemakers". As opposed to His Royal Highness, of course, who is simply a placeholder.

As the song has it:

Chairlie the First, he got beheided;
Chairlie the Second, he succeeded.
Chairlie the Third, he'll no be needed:
Lucky wee Prince Chairlie!


At 13 May, 2009 12:23, Blogger naldo said...

The sooner Luggy and his family are made to work for a living like the rest of us, the better for all.

Such a shame that his ignorant views on architecture are paid any heed by grovelling fools who should know better.

Vive la republique!


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