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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The STUC gets it

The Scottish Trades Union Congress meeting in Perth, Scotland recentky adopted a set of recommendations from their General Council which said:

“6 General Council Recommendation
6.1 The General Council is recommending that Congress should take a position of:
• supporting boycotts and disinvestments against Israel,
• calling for sanctions against Israel,
• encouraging positive investments in the occupied territories.”

These are a summation of the positions adopted but it is necessary to read the full text to appreciate what the decisions mean exactly.

The full text of the report can be read on line here
Or downloaded from here.

The statement was adopted following a STUC Delegation to Palestine and Israel to investigate the issues involved. The delegation report can also be downloaded from the same page.

Prior to the delegation visit and before the report was completed the STUC consulted with their affiliated trade union bodies and with a wide variety of organisations including:

The Bishops’ Conference of Scotland
The Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland
Jews for Justice for Palestinians
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities
Scottish Friends of Palestine
The Scottish-Islamic Foundation
Scottish Jews for a Just Peace
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Trade Union Friends of Israel.

An important issue related to the STUC 's relations with the Histadrut:

The STUC acknowledges its relationship with both PGFTU and Histadrut and supports the development of a constructive dialogue between them. The STUC will explain its position on BDS to Histadrut, and will, over the next 12 months, raise with them Histadrut positions in relation to Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The STUC will review its relationship with Histadrut in this context.


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