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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A shit job

The Dalit Solidarity Network is an organisation which works for the human rights of Dalits ("Untouchables"), the bottom of the social heap in India. (More on India's caste system here.)

Recently the DSN has launched a campaign against the continuation sof a practice which would surely have died out many years ago were there not millions of Dalits who could be forced to do it by being denied other employement opportunities. ladies and gentlement, I give you Manual Scavenging. Or to put it more plainly, scooping shit with your bare hands.

I do believe I might see my way to sending a couple of emails about this. How about you?


At 28 May, 2009 11:17, Blogger naldo said...

Good shout. Thanks for highlighting an issue which many people assume ended when India gained independence.

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