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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I'm currently blogging from a condo in Winter Park Colorado, where we arrived on Monday night after a very pleasant flight (great views of Greenland) on which I watched The Reader which I'd missed at the cinema. Hilary doesn't adapt well to time zone changes but she's getting there, and I think the rest of us have arrived on Mountain Time now. We got most of a day's ski-ing in yesterday and were all hugely impressed by the snow. None of us is an off-piste powder hound, but compared with the Alps this late in the season the snow quality on all the pistes was amazing. Plus it's less crowded. Something tells me this won't be our last ski trip to the USA.

We get free newspapers in the condo, of which the most interesting are the NYT and the Denver Post (from which I got the material for the preceding post). To British readers, the idea of things being "nixed" by the Colorado Supreme Court is just as amusing as the reports in Indian papers of Micreants" being "nabbed", so we're having fun. As a huge West Wing fan my daughter was overjoyed to discover Goldfish crackers in the shop here (WW in-joke, not really worth enlarging on). On the way up here, my son and I were having just as much fun spotting 18-wheelers, though we managed not to burst out into Convoy. And we're all enjoying watching Union Pacific trains going in and out of the Moffat Tunnel, which we can see from the condo balcony. You may have guessed that it's our first visit to the States.....

I'll get back to normal blogging shortly. (Sorry - just interrupted the post to watch 3 locos and about 100 wagons coming out of theh tunnel....)

Have a real good day.


At 08 April, 2009 16:30, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Our Swedish friend was in Colorado last week skiing. It snowed, and having fourteen inches of fresh poweder was nice for him. Hope you guys have a great time.


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