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Thursday, April 09, 2009

An Israeli tries to give something back to the children of Jenin? We can't have that....

When I first read this story on the BBC's website my first thought was to find corroboration, because it seemed altogether too convenient a fit with the BBC's perennial attacks on Palestinians. Sadly, corroboration was all too easy to find, which is depressing. See here, here, here or here.

However interested in peace or dismissive of it successive Israeli governments and Palestinian administrations have been, this story reminds us all that there is a lot of bridge-building to do between the general populations. While I have little doubt that the bulk of the Palestinian and Israeli people want peace and normal relations rather than rhetiric and point-scoring, not everyone is of that view. It's very easy to look at the Israeli extremists in Hebron and their supporters and imagine that everyone on the Palestinian side is less bigoted. Easy, but wrong.

Here is a more upbeat report from the days before the ugly reaction.

Norman Geras has a good comment on the whole affair.


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