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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Did you think it was only in China that Google censored searches?

This is odd. One of the websites to which I link is that of Norman Finkelstein. As you will see from my sidebar (or from the link in the preceding sentence), it is at www.normanfinkelstein.com. Now if you Google "Norman Finkelstein" you get a lot of hits, but none are for his own website, Fair enough, maybe: but how about if you Google "normanfinkelstein.com"? You still get no hits for the website, though now you get a lot of questions on sites (this first one is very good) asking why Google is censoring the site (which comes up perfectly normally on Yahoo, Altavista, and most other search engines).

Tip of the hat to Jews Sans Frontieres for alerting me to this one.


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