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Monday, April 06, 2009

Curse of the Starving Class - Lyceum Theatre 4th April

We'd heard good things of the Lyceum's production of this Sam Shepard play so went along on the strength of them, and enjoyed the evening very much. The play itself isn't one of the great classics: indeed, it could accurately be described as "slight". But the cast gave it all they had, the production was marvellous, and somehow the fact that the play itself was only OK didn't matter.

Curse is a black comedy about a family of poor whites. Weston, the father, is an alcoholic up to his ears in debt. Ella, his wife, is a dreamer who gets taken in by a con man. Wesley, their son, is seemingly rather dumb but in some ways is the most realistic of them all; and Emma the daughter is very smart but ends up using her intelligence to turn to a life of crime. The play is set during a property boom when credit is being pushed by banks and any other seedy moneylenders regardless of the likelihood of repayment (sound familiar?), and its final metaphor of an eagle and a cat locked in battle, with both plunging to their deaths, describes the way that lenders can suddenly find their own survival endangered as their borrowers go under (sound familiar?) So it's no surprise that the Lyceum chose to put the play on now.

The four principals (Christopher Fairbank as Weston, Carla Mendonca as Ella, Christopher Brandon as Wesley and Alice Haig as Emma) were all excellent, with Haig and Fairbank probably the best of the bunch. Yet they were all effortlessly upstaged by a sheep....


At 06 April, 2009 15:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be more interesting if you gave a bit more of your opinion instead of re-hashing the plot of this interesting play by sam shepard

At 08 April, 2009 02:14, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Upstaged by a sheep.

Network PBS news discussed loss of many jobs at Bank of Scotland. Anything going on there with you?


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