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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Big and small - channelling my inner nerd

I mentioned in an earlier post that we can see the West Portal of the Moffat Tunnel from our condo. Here's a picture (from slightly closer!) of what we see.

Especially now I've stood by a level crossing and watched one go past a few feet away, I have grasped the idea that American trains are BIG. The one I watched close up had 6 locos and 105 wagons. And the locos are gigantic if you're used to the merely rather large European ones.

On a smaller scale, I've also been happily watching the very different bird life here. So far the ones I've seen well enough to identify have been American Crows (pretty much like our own), Steller's Jays and Dark-Eyed Juncos (not at all like anything British).

And while I've been adding the bird pictures, another mile-log train has rumbled into the tunnel. Who needs ski-ing?


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