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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Air Force 1, Sensitivity 0

One assumes that the end product of Monday's unfortunate fly-by of the Statue of Liberty in Air Force One* was intended to be a picture of this kind:

The difference, of course, is that Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln didn't run for cover, have heart attacks or go into premature labour when Air Force One* passed over.

When we were in the USA recently I was joking that someone should open a chain of convenience stores called 9-11, where you could buy such essentials as boxcutters or copies of the Koran. (I was however careful not to say this when waiting in line for security at Denver International Airport.....) It seems to me that whoever came up with the "Let's buzz NYC" idea had an equally warped sense of humour and less sense about when to deploy it.

* Yes, I know it's only strictly "Air Force One" when POTUS is on board. Which is why the Boeing 707 carrying disgraced ex-President Richard Nixon was given the different call-sign SAM27000 in mid-flight once Gerald Ford had been sworn in as President back at the White House. (SAM for Special Air Mission, 27000 for the aircraft number.)


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