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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Why would we want a new embassy? We don't need the old one.

Britain has decided not to move to a new embassy in Tel Aviv being built by a company heavily involved in the expansion of Israel's illegal settlements. This is called "not doing business with war criminals".

The ridiculous Ron Prosor demonstrates once again what a sad apology for a diplomat he is by his reaction. "Diplomats in the British embassy in Tel Aviv are not expected to stop eating Israeli bread because it's also marketed in the West Bank", he said. But why not? It's marketed in the West Bank because Israel invaded Jordan more than 40 years ago and has held onto its Lebensraum ever since, in arrogant contravention of the laws and standards adopted long ago by the civilised world. British diplomats only eat the stuff when they're in Israel. So why not pull the diplomats from Israel until it shows itself fit to be negotiated with? Good call, Ron. And you can piss off home too.

Honestly, Tosor is the most ridiculous "Ambassador" since the USA sent John Bolton to the UN. Both make Caligula's appointment of his horse to the senate look pretty sagacious. Let's send the fool home to his third world theocracy until it does something more than beg for handouts and bully its neighbours.


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