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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why oh why oh why (do we have to put up with the Daily Mail)?

My employers are being sued by an ex-employee for £16.7 million for racial, sexual and religious discrimination. When you read the reports of the case you wonder how the perpetrators couold possibly have imagined they would get away with it. Mind you, the reason the suit is being brought at all is that management were aware of what was going on and took no action for some time. And when you look at the comments under the report of the story in the Daily Mail (and the contribution of one of its columnists a few days later) the you can see how that state of affairs might have come about, and realise just how far we have to go as a nation.

(I intended to post this about six weeks ago but just saved it as a draft instead. As far as I can see either nothing has happened yet or it's all been settled quietly out of court. I'll try to find out.)

Meanwhile, there has been this story of institutional racism in the Bedfordshire police force. And once again the Daily Mail makes it out to be all a bit of fun, and their readers contribute the same kind of comments as with Mona Awad.

Mind you, the Mail is the home of Islamophobe-(and indeed xenophobe-)in-chief Melanie Phillips, as well as of that general purveyor of unfocused whingeing Peter Hitchens. A random trawl of his recent columns throws up rants about the EU, the metric system, the theory of evolution, homosexuals, comprehensive education, non-Christians, our insufficiently draconian drug prohibition laws, the Good Friday agreement (the peace settlement in Northern Ireland), anti-depressant drugs, gun control and anti-war protestors. After which he still manages to throw in a paragraph complaining that Sinn Fein are clearly glad that the Real IRA and Continuity IRA have begun murdering again, or else they (the politicians) would simply have had the IRA/CIRA chaps murdered. (No, really, that's what he says: it's at the bottom of this column).

The Daily Mail: proudly pandering to racists and bigots for 113 years, and providing vital puffs to the self-esteem of those unable to cope with modern society.


At 17 March, 2009 08:16, Anonymous Phil said...

Allison Pearson - ugh.

Kids! Can you complete this sentence!

Normally, I would be the first to support women who face discrimination in the workplace, but

"normally I wouldn't be writing for the Mail, so needs must."

"when it actually happens to a real person, obviously I treat it as a bit of fun."

"if your skin's a different colour from mine then you're on your own, sister."


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