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Monday, March 02, 2009

Shocked! Shocked, I say! I mean, I had no idea....

So Tony Blair finally decides it's safe to visit Gaza now most of the tedious Palestinians who used to live there have been wiped out. Not, of course, that Tone met anyone from the government, because, y'know, they're terrorists. (The Israelis say so.) And not of course that he wasted any of his expensive breath suggesting that the Israelis might consider, just this once, abiding by their agreements and opening up the checkpoints to allow in materials for reconstruction. (Though to his great credit Douglas Alexander, the British minister for Overseas Development who was in Gaza at the same time, did exactly that.) No, Tone was just there to emote and to make it look as though his vast salary as "Middle East Peace Envoy" wasn't the total waste it appeared to be when he'd never once visited the site of the greatest crime against humanity of the past year. Now he's been there. Once. (Tick.) Cheerio.

I loved the BBC's TV interview with him, where they made sure we saw him wringing his hands, y'know, to show how much he empathised with all the dead children whose murderers had just paid him a million dollars for turning a blind eye to genocide.


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