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Friday, March 27, 2009

Goodbye Mr (& Mrs) Chip

And I can't let the week pass without mentioning a couple of good friends, Americans living in Edinburgh, who have sadly been unable to get their visas renewed again and so have had to beat a retreat to Colorado. I first encountered Chip and Eddie Clark as pupils of Hilary's at Stevenson College (where they became known as Chip and Pin). They became firm friends, with our children as much as with us (they're - rather young - grandparents themselves). They regularly came and supported us in any perfoming we were doing (they were often to be seen at Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra concerts). They took us to The Picture Of Dorian Gray in last year's festival; they introduced us to the delights of I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change and indeed to Wicked!, as well as to the redoubtable talents of the Remarkable Farkle McBride. Chip conducted ESO in the premiere of his symphony "Figuratively Speaking" last summer. Eddie (the more talkative of the pair) would regale us with stories of her childhood on a Wyoming ranch, literally on horseback before she was walking unaided; Chip would talk about being taught Korean by the US Army so he could monitor North Korean radio traffic; and they both reminisced (not too nostalgically!) about their days delivering Strippagrams (sorry, no pictures). They gave us much love and friendship (and a good enchilada recipe) and we'll miss them hugely. They flew out to the USA on Wednesday, and we;re rather hoping that as they're in Colorado we might manage to meet while we're in the state in a couple of weeks' time for skiing.

All the best, guys.


At 27 March, 2009 16:06, Blogger Clare Sudders said...

Aw, they sound great. What a damn shame. How long were they in the UK before they had to leave?

At 28 March, 2009 22:54, Blogger Rob said...

Round about seven years, I think. Though I have a couple of CDs by them and other of Scottish songs of which the last is from 2002 and was recorded in California so maybe not quite that long. (The first CD has some wonderful parodies on it such as Stand By Your Clan....)

And yeah, they are great. They can be exhausting sometimes (energy! projects!) but great company.

At 02 April, 2009 16:31, Blogger Eddie Louise said...

Ahhh... Thanks Rob! Definitely hoping to see you in Winter Park next week!! We'll miss Edinburgh and the good company there. We will raise a glass of vino every now and then, regale each other with bad musical puns and think of you!!

At 02 April, 2009 16:40, Blogger Chip Michael said...

Yes... just under 7 years and some of the most memorable (and not just because they are the most recent). It was a wonderful ride; we're sorry to see it end, but there are other sunsets to be seen, symphonies to write and adventures to be had.

For those wanting to stay in touch:

And if you'd like to hear the performance of my symphony done by the Edinburgh Symphony drop me an email and I'll get you the link.


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