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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pirates of the Southern Ocean

I have been accused, like everyone else who criticises Israeli policies, of believing that everything bad in the world comes out of Israel. I think such a criticism greatly overinflates Israel's significance to the world, but in any case, I don't. Tony Blair didn't come out of Israel (indeed, one of the problems in his "job" as Middle East Peace Envoy is that he hardly ever does come out of Israel, for example to visit Gaza). Robert Mugabe didn't come out of Israel, nor did Milosevic, Mladic, Karadzic and the rest of that gang. The governments of Myanmar and China aren't Israeli: I don't think Israel even sells them weapons.

And then there's this lovely guy, whom we met last year. He's not Israeli, or indeed Jewish: he's Canadian, and Canada doesn't produce many weapon-grade assholes (correct me if I'm wrong, Persephone). Anyway, he's at it again: piracy and use of chemical weapons. Rather than whingeing about the Japanese ship using an "anti-personnel weapon system" (and your point is what, Mr Watson?) he should be thankful that his ship was only hit by a (low-velocity) "metal object". If the Japanese took the same robust attitude to piracy that the Indian navy does, he would have been sunk by artillery. If only......


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