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Saturday, January 17, 2009


The reason my "burst" of posts on Wednesday night ended up as just two is rather funny. Right now I am rather stuffed up with a cold, which means that my normally loud snoring is turned up to 11. I have therefore been banished to a fold-out bed in the living-room so my wife can get some sleep without needing earplugs so dense as to keep out her alarm clock. Also, as is not uncommon among us 50-somethings, I have been known to doze off in front of the TV, occasionally being woken by my wife or daughter next morning. However, on Wednesday I surpassed myself, dozing off in mid-post on the blog and spending the night asleep sitting in front of the PC. It didn't leave me feeling too short of sleep, but I had a crick in my neck that is only now beginning to abate.

It could have been worse: it would have rather embarrassing to be found snoozing over a pregnant bikini contest or a Playboy playmate or a candid picture of a celebrity...


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