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Sunday, January 11, 2009

When they said a Holocaust they meant it

The shelling of a house in Zeitoun in the Gaza strip, where over a hundred Palestinian evacuees had been told by the IDF to shelter, does indeed look a lot like a war crime. The IDF have claimed it was a mistake, but as the building was shelled repeatedly that seems unlikely.

When the Nazis imprisoned Warsaw's Jews in the ghetto and denied them food and medical attention, that was a crime against humanity. When they rounded those same people up and herded them into places so they could kill them more easily, thay was a crime against humanity. Of course, the Nazis used cyanide gas which while an unpleasant way to die is preferable to being dismembered by explosives. It seems the IDF can learn a little humanity from their predecessors even if they need instruction in nothing else. I suppose however that the shells are paid for by the United States, whereas the IDF would have to buy its own cyanide (Zyklon B is still available from the Czech Republic).

Of course, in Hebron the peace-loving Israeli settlers have learned that lesson too:


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