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Friday, January 02, 2009

We've been here before

Nobody can be surprised at the genocide presently being visited on the inhabitants of Gaza, as the Israeli government announced its intention to give them a "holocaust" ten months ago. Though it does rather spoil the sanitized this-is-just-because-of-the-rocket-attacks-and-only-Hamas-is-being-targeted fiction in which the BBC is of course deeply complicit.

I note that back in March, clearly underestimating the depths to which the BBC would stoop in toadying to Israel, I failed to spot that the remark by President Ahmadinejad about which they reported so much outrage was wholly fabricated, as a glance at his actual speech makes plain.

Really, if you want to know what's going on you're better off reading Ha'aretz, where they make no bones about Israel's targeting civilian areas (firing "warning missiles" first to reduce civilian casualties - you have to love them) and bombing mosques. (The spirit of Baruch Goldstein is alive and well in his beloved IDF.) Or of course you could simply follow al_Jazeera's excellent coverage.


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