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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Running scared again

Reading this latest statement from Ehud Olmert, an obvious question comes to mind. If "Israel has admitted using white phosphorus in Gaza but says it did not break international law in doing so" then why is Olmert worried about prosecution of the Most Moral Armed Forces In The Middle East (TM)? Similarly, Israeli spokesmen have assured us that cluster bombs were only used in "open areas", which I'm sure are plentiful in the world's most densely-populated place. And they never tire of telling us that Israel never targets civilians: it's just that most people in Gaza voted for Hamas which makes them supporters of terrorists. So why is Olmert is terrified of having his moral darlings investigated? It's almost as though he believed that they had broken the law but that they should suffer no more than the normal IDF whitewash (i.e. an investigation into how they allowed the news to get out despite the ban on journalists).

I hope that if any members of the Israeli government or the IDF set foot in the civilised world (the EU, for example) they are arrested immediately. Then we can see what Olmert's "protection" consists of. What's he going to do, threaten to nuke Brussels?

I believe that the IDF's poster-boys the Jerusalem Quartet are coming back to the Edinburgh festival this summer. While as far as I know none of them actually served in Operation Cast Lead, their role as apologists for war crimes should at least come under scrutiny.


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