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Friday, January 30, 2009

Required listening, I would suggest

For all those of you who have been wondering just what kind of a piece of musical humour I named my blog after: wonder no longer.

The strings are playing Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (which is for strings only) and the rest of the orchestra is playing other stuff that just happens to fit (kind of) with it. A warning: at times the sheer density of other stuff going on may cause your brain to melt.

Another warning: best not listened to while drinking unless you wish to splatter the surrounding area every minute or so.

All four movements are here presented on a single track, which is a mild annoyance but one I can put up with for the sake of a decent online version at last. Thank you Grooveshark.

Yet another warning: when I first found the site the file started streaming very quickly. Same when I first went in via the link I posted. Since then it's been downloading for ever. You may have to be patient.


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