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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


It is a truth universally acknowledged, at least among supporters of Israel such as the US and UK governments, the BBC and most of the American media, that Israeli missiles and shells never hit civilians because they are so carefully aimed that they can selectively kill Hamas militants even while demolishing a house on top of a family. Anyone who dies is ipso facto a militant, or so we are told.

So this story clearly shows that Hamas terrorists are now dressing themselves up in IDF uniforms and hiding in "structures" which must be military because no civilian structures are ever shelled by the IDF, The World's Most Moral Army (TM). The treachery of these Palestinians! First they keep civilians as human shields in military targets like mosques and hospitals, and now they don't even have the decency to look brown enough to tell apart from brave Israeli troops. Now if they were all made to wear the traditional Holocaust dress of striped pyjamas the exterminators' jobs would be so much simpler.


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