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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Israel delivers its threatened "Holocaust" with American-made WMDs. Meanwhile Blair goes shopping.

I posted last week about the BBC's hopeless pro-Israeli bias when reporting on the Gaza invasion. Here is an excellent piece from al-Jazeera on similar bias in the American news media.

The BBC continue as much in Israel's pocket as ever. Last night the Israeli attacks were invariably described as retaliation for the rocket attacks by Hamas. Hamas was also described as having broken the ceasefire,(ignoring Israel's refusal to abide by its terms in the first place by lifting the blockade. (Here are some of the big lies we get constantly from the BBC.)

I thought one of the pieces of footage showed an artillery shell disseminating cluster ordnance, which in a densely populated civilian area would undoubtedly be a serious war crime. Actually it seems to have been a white phosphorus shell. using those in populated areas is of course also illegal, but it would be rank anti-semitism to ascribe the wrong war crime to the IDF.

( I needn't have worried: Ha'aretz confirms the use of cluster ordnance but reckons the shells were "aimed at open areas". In the world's most densely populated place, with all escape routes barred - what open areas?)

Tony Blair was also shown "engaging early with Israel" by meeting the Israeli ambassador to Washington. No suggestion of any interest by him in engaging with Hamas or even the Palestinian Authority, and definitely no sign of his going anywhere near Gaza. (Though it seems he was on holiday, the poor dear. We couldn't expect him to miss an Armani opening with the prospact of free goodies just to go and look and some dead babies in the dirt.) In any case, he may not know where Gaza is, never once having been there. (He thought about it once but Israel told him not to so of course he complied.)

Blair's statement last week equated Hamas's rockets (total death toll at the time: nil) with Israel's attacks which had already killed several hundred civilians. Probably his contribution to "peace" in Gaza will be the same as when Israel attacked Lebanon last year: delay the implementation of any peace deal to allow Israel to maximise the civilian body count for domestic political purposes.

Here is a good analysis of what Israel is probably hoping to achieve by the present holocaust.

As that article mentions Jenin, it is of course obligatory to point out that the IDF did not "massacre" Palestinians there (though the article above doesn't make any such accusation, I bet I still get complaints from Friends of Israel). Jenin was no massacre (only 26 civilians dead officially, which is nothing for the IDF), just a collection of comman everyday Israeli war crimes (mass demolition of houses, torture, unlawful killings), though at least one investigator from Amnesty thought it likely there were many civilian bodies unaccounted for beneath the debris. As Israel banned a UN investigative team from entering they will have to live with the suspicion that Jenin was in fact more than just an everyday Israeli war crime.


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