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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It must be a bugger for Israel when it can only censor its own press

This piece from Ha'aretz made me smile. Not just because the mere publication by the Guardian of an obituary into a senior political figure in the elected government of Palestine (even if he was a prick) evidently touched an Israeli nerve - and right now anything that causes pain, however slight, to the Holocaust supporters of Tel Aviv seems worth cherishing - but because of the final paragraphs:

Israel's Ambassador to the Court of St. James, Ron Prosor, said he was not surprised by the tone of the obituary.

"This is not the first obituary and it seems it won't be the last that The Guardian grants to Hamas terrorists."

Others recently honored by an obituary in The Guardian include Clash of Civilizations author Samuel Huntington, South African anti-apartheid activist Helen Suzman and British Jewish playwright Harold Pinter.

I never knew that Huntington, Suzman and Pinter were Hamas terrorists.... But even if we ignore the careless writing, it's a lovely thought that the mere publication of the obituary of a Nobel prizewinner is felt worthy of comment in the context of the honouring of terrorists. And you know the Guardian's getting something right when it's getting up Ron Prosor's nose. Perhaps he's jealous, secure in the knowledge that no British paper would bother with an obituary for him.

Here, to add to his rhinitis, is a link to the Guardian obituary of Nizar Ghayan itself.

And here is a comment on the Ha'aretz piece which points out, as you will see, that it's full of lies.


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