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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Israeli Foreign Ministry and its sock puppets; and let's not forget the West Bank while we're being appalled by Gaza

A good piece by Richard Silverstein in the Guardian on the Israeli Foreign Ministry's programme of planting lies and generating spurious outrage on the Internet (as well as the US media's reporting of IDF propaganda reports as though they were from independent sources).

And the picture in my last post reminded me that while we're all understandably focused on Gaza right now, life in Hebron still sucks if you're an Untermensch Arab. Here is an article from Peace News about attacks by Israeli settlers on Palestinians. And here is a report by an IDF soldier (let's not pretend they're all Nazi wannabes) on the racial segregation policy being enforced there.

Is it not richly ironic that the "settlers" whose very presence in Hebron is illegal under international law (and indeed Israel's own laws) are allowed to strut about with machine-guns while whining that they're civilians if anyone lifts a finger against them, whereas in Gaza the police and security forces of the legitimately elected government are held to be terrorists whether they are armed or not? Or that mosques and schools in Gaza are deemed by the IDF to be "terrorist centres", so unlike the Mercaz Harav yeshiva in Jerusalem whose heavily-armed "students" were being taught to admire Israel's martyred murderers?


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