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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hear, hear.

Two fine speeches from the British House of Commons during its debate on the situation in Gaza on Thursday evening. The second is from George Galloway, whose point of view one might easily predict. George is a faintly ridiculous figuire in many ways: one cannot take entirely seriously an MP who appears on Celebrity Big Brother. However, many of the accusations levelled at him over the years by the tabloid press have had no basis in fact whatsoever, as many successful libel writs have testified. His speech on Thuursday demanding action from the British Government is a reminder that not only is George's heart in the right place, he is still an extremely eloquent speaker.

But first I want you to watch a speech by Sir Gerald Kaufman, a Jewish MP from Gorton in Manchester. Kaufman grew up an Orthodox Jew and a Zionist. Family members were murdered by the Nazis in Warsaw. He was a personal friend of Golda Meir. Yet on Thursday, while urding the government to impose an arms embargo on Israel, he described Israel as "acting like Nazis". They were not only war criminals, he said, but fools. I've never particularly cared for Kaufman as an MP, but every word of this speech was true, was well-chosen, needed to be said, and deserves to be echoed around the world wherever imbeciles are declaring as usual that to oppose Israel's actions is to be an anti-Semite.

And now George:


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