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Thursday, January 01, 2009

He had fun, fun, fun till the party took his Tony away

Following a link from a hilarious comment on my post yesterday about President Ahmadinejad's Christmas message, I've been enjoying the Tony Blair blog (formerly Keep Tony Blair For Prime Minister, so you know what to expect).

I can't decide whether the funniest thing is the fawning photographic tribute to Blair by a "grateful Iraqi" which he apparently "found" at....his own photobucket group. Well, at least he's honest, though finding it somewhere with a shred of an Iraqi connection would have convinced more.

Or is it his glowing praise for Melanie Phillips and her attitude to the "War against the West", where he encourages all his readers to subscribe to her site? He quotes at length her glowing praise of Mr Pastry John Bolton, disgraced ex-ambassador to the UN. Then, bless him, he tells us that he understands Mad Mel to be to the political right (writing for the Spectator and the Daily Mail? Gosh, we'd never have guessed) but that "I wouldn't say I belong there in any measurable or philosophical way". Um, is that apart from hosting a fan site for the most right-wing prime minister of the post-war era? the one who adopted all Thatcher's ideas and then dismembered the Labour Party to ensure there would be no effective opposition when he forced them into law? The one who in the manner of dictators throughout history created an imaginary threat to our way of life which only he knew the solution to? A solution which happened to involve scapegoating minorities, restricting immigration, damaging our relations with Europe for a generation, and a shift to internment without trial and shoot-on-sight policing? Ooh, no, nothing right wing about Tone the Drone.

Do visit his site. It's a hoot.

Ooh, and now the same chap has a Bring Back Tony Blair site too. I can support that. Bring him back and put him on trial in the Hague for his manifold atrocities, that's what we need. Though I doubt that's what BlairSupporter has in mind. (If anyone had the slightest doubt of his right-wing nutter credentials, incidentally, a mere half-minute scanning the new site threw up a reference by him to the "liberal intelligentsia press". Gosh, he's channeling Sarah Palin now.)

One final thought: "Bring Back Tony Blair" sounds like "Bring Back Hanging" or "Bring Back the Birch", a call for cruel and unusual punishment. And being called for by much the same people.


At 01 January, 2009 21:35, Anonymous BlairSupporter said...

Hi Rob,

Enjoyed your little references to my blog. I think ;0)

As for tours, well, I think you've said it all:

"Witty and pertinent observations on matters of great significance OR Incoherent jottings on total irrelevancies OR Something else altogether OR All of the above"

I could spend time arguing against each of your puerile points, but quite frankly, I can't be bothered.

Have fun and watch the future as people with ability fix, as losers and moaners continue to lose ... and moan.

At 02 January, 2009 11:11, Blogger Rob said...

Hi BS. Glad you enjoyed the free publicity. The titles of your blogs all suggest that you're a loser, and their content that you're a moaner. As for me, well you spotted that I make no grandiose claims for my sandpit here. Happy to watch with you as smarter people than either of us fix the mess Blair left.

Have a happy new year.

At 03 January, 2009 15:49, Anonymous BlairSupporter said...

Well you may be right, Rob, in the "loser" accusations. Then again, you and "Waiting for Godot" arrived at the same time, according to your blog.

So you may be waiting for some time before we work out the whys and the wherefores.

Especially if you continue the mantra re Blair and "war crimes". All insubstantial allegations, resting on misreading of UN decisions and resolutions. People who repeat this pious "try Blair" nonsense as "truth" (while opining that he has already been found guilty, actually, don't you know[!?]) are minimised in ALL other areas of intellectual thought, imho.

Blair and other countries effectively stood on the UN's Resolution 687, of 1991, while the UN itself reneged, after more than a decade of being messed (even misled) by Saddam.

Put Blair and others in the dock and there will be a court-load of UN representatives, dignitaries, diplomats and countries's leaders squeezing in too, counter-charged with "failing to protect the world".

As for the PhotoBucket thing - correction. It isn't MY picture of Blair and the Iraqi flag. I found it at PhotoBucket and used it. To use these pictures one is supposed to join up as a member, which I duly did.

If being thought of as a "moaner" is the consequence of supporting someone I admired, it's an odd old world.

The web is full of moaners, but they are people who complain about others.

I realise it's a hard concept to get into small minds, but I actually think that supporting a politician is NOT moaning.

I DO complain about the 'liberal Left Intelligentsia', of course. They have been duping us for years, via The Guardian and The Independent, to name but two.

They're full of it. Emotive, wrong-headed biased, agenda'd rubbish. Trouble is - a lot of us lap it up.

At 06 January, 2009 03:23, Blogger Rob said...

Welcome back, BS. Yes, I hit Britain at the same time as Godot, though with less impact. As to whys and wherefores, I seem to recall Pozzo in the play becoming rather irritated at being questioned (though in his case it was whens that were the issue), and Beckett certainly considered the play to mean nothing beyond itself. Not sure where that leaves either of us (though in a few months' time it will leave me at a performamce with Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen...).

Photobucket - my apologies, though it certainly looked odd when I clicked on your link and got a site with your name on it. Just the way the system works, I guess.

While personally convinced of Blair's guilt over war crimes (no quotation marks required) I would certainly be happier to have a court decide the matter one way or the other. As for Resolution 687, I am amazed to have evidence before me that at least one person in Britain actually did swallow, hook, line, sinker and the bloody rod as well, the tale that the invasion of Iraq was necessary because Saddam had WMDs. I thought the fact that years of free UN inspections had failed to turn up any trace thereof, along with their utter absence even when the coalition had occupied the country, might have nailed that one, but you demonstrate otherwise. I'm not sure how Saddam is supposed to have "misled" the UN: maybe by hiding his WMDs somewhere where inspectors could never reach. Israel, perhaps? The UN "reneged" on nothing, as Saddam had complied fully with res. 687. Blair had no interest in that or any other UN resolution, as he didn't consider the UN's approval or otherwise remotely relevant (else he might have sought it before invading). Even if "failing to protect the world" was something with which one could be tried in court, there was no possible threat to the world from Iraq, nor had there been since the end of Desert Storm. (Unlike the very real threat from Israel, with known WMDs, no inspections permitted, more UN resulution breacvhes than Saddam, and a track record of invading all its neighbours.) Next you'll be telling me that you think Saddam was responsible for 9/11. After all, if you can swallow the WMD farce, why not? As you say, you just lap up such "emotive, wrong-headed, biased, agenda'd rubbish", though I think you exaggerate when you imagine there are "a lot" of you.

And I have no problem with your support for Tony Blair. I may consider it quixotic, not to say incomprehensible, given the huge majority who wanted him out of offfice, but that doesn't make you a moaner. However, to host a site called "Bring Back Tony Blair" sounds rather as though you wished him to replace the present government. "One of Brown’s big problems is that he doesn’t seem to be DOING anything!" isn't a complaint, then? "The public, who ALWAYS listen to the press’s screaming headlines, caused you (largely) to lose the BEST leader you ever had. They then smiled incongruously while you found (arguably) the WORST one." That isn't moaning? Maybe it's a hard concept to get into minds full of Iraqi WMD BS (ha! BS..sorry, only just realised) but endless complaining about Gordon Brown (twenty times the human being Blair will ever be, and a much better PM for all his failings) is, indeed, moaning. Wanting the worst and most hated PM of the century back: that's being a loser. And moaning (there you go again) about the "liberal Left intelligentsia" simply shows you up for an illiberal right-wing idiot. Rather like Blair, in fact, though I fancy he's not so much an idiot as knowingly evil. Bring on the trial....


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