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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Habeas corpus

For some time now you have probably been seeing, but not noticing, the Free Gilad Shalit button on my sidebar. Shalit, you may recall, is an Israeli soldier who was abducted from close to the border with Gaza and taken captive by Hamas, back in June 2006. Since then there have been rumours but no confirmed contact with him. The Red Cross have not been allowed to visit, and it was unclear whether he was alive or dead. most recentky there have been rumours that he had been released to the IDF, as well as ones that he had been killed in an Israeli airstrike.

Amnesty International is currently running an email campaign calling on the Hamas leadership to allow the Red Cross access to Corporal Shalit in accordance with international law so they can verify his condition.

I hope that everyone who has been vocal in complaint about Israeli war crimes in Gaza - as I have - will make a little time to take part in this campaign against a Hamas war crime too. Just because Hamas may be less immoral than the IDF doesn't necessarily raise them above the level of "a better class of bastard", and they need reminding of that.

So for all those of you wishing to drop casually into your water-cooler conversation that you emailed the head of Hamas this weekend, here's the link to Amnesty's campaign. (You will need to register, which is quick and painless.) You don't have to belong to Amnesty - though I do - or even to agree with all of Amnesty's aims. You can personalise the email, though I imagine on its passage through Amnesty's server anything too offensive might get your email trashed.

What are you waiting for?


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