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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Compare and contrast

A politician with convictions and the decency to do something about them.


A politician who briefly talks the talk but quickly toes the line in case his paymasters get upset.

In a world with too many of the second, we need more of the first. Personally, after this demonstration of Israel's "avoidance of civilian casualties" and its desire for peace, I'd like to see every nation in the civilised world expelling its Israeli ambassador. Why would anyone want diplomatic relations with such a country? One that would never have been established if it weren't for the UN, yet now defines the UN as an enemy and attacks civilians under its protection? Oh wait, they've been killing UN peacekeepers for years now, so no surprises there.

And the worst thing about the inaction of Obama, Bush and of course "peace envoy" Blair? Israel's murderous rampage could be stopped in an instant. It wouldn't take a international task force, or a nuclear strike on Tel Aviv. All it would take is for the USA to stop funding it. If Israel was reduced to reliance on its own resources (plus the ones it has stolen from its neighbours) for the first time in its history, I reckon it might last as long as two weeks before collapsing as all its welfare junkies fled screaming from the idea of working for a living. Just time for the rest of us to organise a farewell party.


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