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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A demonstration that it isn't necessary to be a Christian to be Chaplain to the London Stock Exchange

I nearly forgot to mention the letter about Bethlehem Now in the Northern Echo, which contained the marvellous paragraph

"But that wall is there to prevent suicide bombers from murdering Jewish civilians. Israel is a democratic state surrounded by enemy states who have declared many times that their aim is Israel’s destruction. Are the Israelis supposed to take no notice of this threat? Four times since 1948 Israel has fought defensive wars for its survival. Israel has frequently tried to make peace with its enemies, offering peaceful co-existence with the Palestinian Arabs under various “land for peace” schemes. All rejected."

in which every single sentence is a lie. (Well, apart from the one that's a question.)

All becomes clear when the author of this tripe turns out to be none other than Peter Mullen, Chaplain to the London Stock Exchange (look how well that's helping!). Mullen is a notorious loony who was recently disciplined (and had his blog taken down) for calling for homosexuals to be tattooed with "SODOMY CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH". I'll leave it to the Daily Mash to answer him.

A couple more things. Apparently Mullen is also chaplain to the Freedom Association, a bunch of Europhobic neofascists who became briefly notorious in the 1980s (I had no idea they still existed). And according to a post on Zefrog's blog he has an interesting history:

Page 194 of Peter Vardy’s The Puzzle of Sex (Fount Paperbacks 1997- Vardy is an ethics lecturer at Heythrop College) refers to Peter Mullen as “An Anglican vicar who resigned for committing adultery with a parishioner” If you look him up in Crockford’s clerical directory, he left a parish in Yorkshire in 1989, and did not minister as a priest again until 1997. His resignation would have been obligatory, and he would presumably have been on the Lambeth discipline list for at least 5 years.

One might almost consider his lofty stance on sexual morality to be the grossest kind of hypocrisy, then.


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