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Friday, December 19, 2008

Classic Rock

While I was waiting for Waltz With Bashir to begin, the cinema were playing some music I thought I rather liked. a little Googling proved it to be the latest album from Oasis, and some further Googling to listen to more of it suggests an overdue return to form. Here is the first track from the new album for you:

I think that's a worthy successor to their (Morning) glory days. As is this (with a nice nod to the Stones at the start of the video):

And while their earlier material seems a little rough-edged now, you can't fault it for sheer energy (and a great riff). One to get the folks on the dance floor:

But for a blast from the past with a great riff (possibly the greatest ever) , we have to end with the Greatest Rock And Roll Band In The World (TM). Here they are kicking off a gig in Rio with Jumping Jack Flash, and it looks and sounds very similar to the first time Hilary and I saw them in Glasgow. The thing that really comes across, both live and in the video, is the sheer enjoyment they are taking on every moment of it. (Well, that and Charlie Watts looking like your Dad on a drum kit. He doesn't play like your Dad though, unless you're Zak Starkey or Jason Bonham.) Anyone who imagines Keef to be a sexagenarian zombie need only watch him bouncing around beaming all over his cake-left-out-in-the-rain face here. The advanced student might care to guess how many times Mick, Keith and Charlie have played this one, then subtract a thousand or so for Ron Wood. But going through the motions? Not these guys.

(If you want to skip the pre-entry bit drop in at 2:15.)


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