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Saturday, December 13, 2008

And they palm this worthless goon off on us as an "ambassador"

You may have seen reports of Bethlehem Now - an Alternative Nine Lessons and Carols Service, held in St James's Church, Piccadilly in London. Here is the organisers' press release and here is a letter in the Times expanding on it. I remember as a student taking part in what might be called an alternative nativity play entitled Bethlehem 74 (by Donald Eyre), which interleaved the classical nativity story (updated so that for example the wise men were a group of British and American astronomy professors) with the context of the then fairly recent Israeli occupation of Bethlehem, complete with a couple of PLO bombers and a motley collection of Palestinian refugees. As was usual in those days, the play was fairly pro-Israeli, though Donald Eyre could hardly have expected either that the occupation would have continued for another 34 years or that Israel would have flouted international law and relied instead on mass murder to achieve territorial gains. Having met the writer I feel certain that if he were alive today he would have written a rather different play, albeit still with a message of Christian hope at its core.

Anyway, the Church Times wasn't too happy with the Bethlehem Now service. More amusingly, neither was Ron Prosor, Israel's Ambassador to Britain. Maybe the imbecile doesn't realise that the reason the service "singles out Israel" is that the event commemorated at Christmas took place in Palestine. Maybe if Jesus had been born in Lhasa or Basra we'd have alternative Christmas services attacking the Chinese or American occupations there and not mentioning Israel at all. In fact I'd put money on it. If Tosor doesn't like the focus on Israel, hey, it's his God who chose where to get incarnated. (And if he wants to shoot the messenger I think the Archangel Gabriel packs more than enough firepower to see off Israel's military might all by himself). He says that the service explicitly linked the occupation to allegations of deicide. I'd like to see some evidence of that: a quote, perhaps? Can't come up with one, Ron? Thought not. (The Jews' responsibility for the death of Jesus was last a matter of interest in Britain, I think, around the time of Cromwell. I see no sign of its attracting any more attention today elsewhere in the world, except in the corridors of Israel's Ministry of Making Stuff Up.)

His remarks were also reported here, with a few additions. I especially loved the line 'if Santa Claus turned up in Bethlehem this Christmas, he would receive a "frosty reception" from Hamas extremists'. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Ron Prosor, a fool so abominably ignorant that when confronted with this:

he imagines the characters in red cloaks represent Santa.


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