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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What a pity that the Palestinians have no partner for peace

My attention was drawn by this letter (the second one under that heading) in Saturday's Guardian to the full-page ads placed by the Palestinian Authority last week in all the major Israeli newspapers. Attempts to find the ads by Googling, or by scanning Israeli newspaper sites, drew a blank (maybe because they were ads rather than news reports.....maybe) but the BBC has a decent report on the story here.

What I want to know is: since this peace plan was proposed in 2002 (and of course promptly rejected by Israel) how can Israeli President Shimon Peres describe it as a "sea-change" in Arab policy? Of course, perhaps for once this is someone not misusing Shakespeare's metaphor, and Peres really means that the Arab proposal, having been lost from sight for six years, now appears changed for the better by its submersion in the deeps of Israeli rejectionism.

The full text of the plan is here. Of course it contains nothing but a request for Israel to meet the requirements of international law. Of course Israel is still not interested (though it's funny that the moment he is out of office and not obliged to deliver on his promises Ehud Olmert claims this is what he wanted all along).

No surprise either to discover from the first of those two letters in the Guardian that the British Government is happy to provide financial encouragement for Israel's continued finger-flipping to the international community and the rule of law.

And finally...

...here is an excellent piece on the prospects for Middle Eastern peace by Harry Hagopian.


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