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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Normal service resumed

And if ever there was something worthy of a rant it's surely this.

I recently watched Charlie Wilson's War, which while a very good film was a reminder that America has always been happy to fund what others might term "terrorists" in order to achieve the destabilisation of governments and the resistance to occupation (though only of course where the governments or occupiers were left-wing: right-wing dictators like the Shah of Iran and John McCain's old mate Augusto Pinochet were given full support, and while it was evidently wrong for the USSR to invade Afghanistan, it has proved perfectly acceptable to every US government for Israel to have invaded Egypt, Jordan and Syria, stealing their territory and subjugating their people. Where is Palestine's Charlie Wilson?)

Anyway, you might think that Uighur separatists wanting autonomy from Chinese rule would be viewed sympathetically, especially when the USA has been holding them in a torture camp for seven years without charge, and when its own courts have determined that they were simply in the wrong place at a time when the Pakistani army were arresting anyone who looked foreign and selling them to the Americans. Nope. According to the US justice department, the men "are linked to an organisation that the state department has labelled to be a terrorist entity", so cannot be released. Ever.

Now forgive me for stating the obvious, but surely the only country to which Uighur separatists, even if they were terrorists, might be a threat is China. Now all of a sudden it doesn't matter whether the "terrorists" are a threat to the USA but only to, er, communists? Yet the USA is happy to release from custody someone wanted in two countries for terrorist murders (and who has confessed to many more terrorist attacks) and which refuses to extradite him to continue the trial from which he absconded. Of course, Posada's killing sprees took place in Venezuela and Cuba which make it OK for the Bush regime. So, wait, no, now terrorist acts against commies are all right? Posada is charged with murdering Cubans, Guyanese, North Koreans and an Italian for God's sake, yet he can walk free while the poor bloody Uighirs who have never harmed anyone are to be kept in the Gulag forever.

I feel more and more that we're on the wrong side in the "war on terror", and that it's the US government that is the biggest supporter of terrorism throughout the world. I wish I thought that an Obama victory would change that significantly; but it won't. Cuban terrorists will still go free; Cuban anti-terror investigators will still languish in prison; the illegal Israeli occupation will still receive massive US funding and support; and I bet in four or even eight years time there will still be seventeen beleagured Uighirs chained up in Guantanamo Bay. I hope I'm wrong, but my head tells me that's one kind of change I can't believe in.


At 03 November, 2008 17:39, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Still makes me embarrassed to live in this country. Thanks W.


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