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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lightening-Up Time

OK, a few rants recently, so here are some videos to amuse you. First, a couple of music videos chosen for no other reason than that I've been playing the songs recently.

Firstly, Timbuk 3 doing their classic Gotta Wear Shades:

Then The Real Tuesday Weld with Terminally Ambivalent Over You:

Then my mind drifted off into film intros, credits, etc. Here (and it took a bit of finding as the Youtube version has been pulled) are the Saul Bass opening credits from A Walk On The Wild Side. I saw the film once on TV in 1969, and while the only things I can remember about the very sordid film itself are Laurence Harvey, Capucine and a guy with no legs pushing himself around on a kind of skateboard, I could recall the credits in considerable detail. Now that's class.

Walk on The Wild Side-Opening Credits

Here is the opening of a frequently-disparaged John Huston film The List of Adrian Messenger, which I always rather liked. The two minutes or so prior to the credits still creep me out (I think the Jerry Goldsmith music has a lot to do with it). Not one to watch if you're nervous about lifts. (And I'm still trying to work out exactly what the villain does with his jump leads.)

Very possibly the creepiest, and almost certainly the weirdest, opening of any film ever made: Lars von Trier's Europa :

One of the most atmospheric openings ever filmed now. While compiling this collection I kept seeing a mental image of a chain-link fence, and it took me a little while to place it.

And here is the matching ending, with the WORLD'S BIGGEST SPOILER ALERT if yiou haven't seen Citizen Kane.

Anyone who knows Glasgow will feel a slight pang at the sight of all the crated antiquities. Kane was based on William Randolph Hearst, who made a point of collecting parts of buildings (doorways and so on from European palaces and churches). A substantial part of his collection, especially the architectural elements, was purchased after his death by Sir William Burrell, and is thus now the property of the City Of Glasgow, proudly and imaginatively displayed in the Burrell Collection. For example:

Finally, the closing credits from Douglas Trumbull's Silent Running. Technically I should give a SPOILER ALERT here too. However, if you've seen the film, prepare to blub. If you haven't seen the film go and see it, then you can blub anyway. I think it may well have been the first film that made me cry at the cinema. (Well, I got frightened as a small child by Norman Wisdom being fired into space by accident in The Bulldog Breed - no, really! - and remember being comforted by my Mum. That's not quite what I meant though.) And of course the music is by EKN's "patron saint" Peter Schickele.

Oh, and as you watch, remember that the drones are played by double amoutees walking on their hands. No, really. And one of the domes is preserved in the SF Hall of Fame in Seattle? I am SO going to Seattle.


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