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Monday, November 10, 2008

Let's Get Behind The Queers

Amidst the worldwide jubilation at Tuesday's US election results it would have been easy to miss the bad news buried among them, which is that California's electorate seem to have voted Proposition 8 onto the state statutes. I say "seem to have" as there are still enough uncounted and potential postal votes to upset the result over the next couple of weeks, but it isn't looking good for the only state apart from Massachusetts to recognise gay marriages. Yet another reason to applaud Massachusetts (as though having proved so inhospitably liberal as to drive Benjamin Kerstein whining from the USA to somewhere more theocrat-friendly were not enough).

Still, if life presents you with lemons, you make lemonade. Utah's gays have found a magnificent judo-like way to use the rhetoric of the gay-bashers in an attempt to increase gay rights in Utah. If only the religious right weren't wholly composed of hypocrites, they might manage it, too.

It would seem that Florida, Arizona and Arkansas are getting their anti-gay legislation in first by also supporting Proposition 8. However, as everyone who's ever been taken on a gay bar crawl knows, it ain't over until the fat drag queen does a Freddie Mercury impression. (OK, maybe that's just Blackpool.) Anyway, for all those US residents who cross my cyberthreshold, here's what you do.

And I know it just shows how far behind the times we are here in the UK, but I haven't yet got with the project of referring to the LGBTQ community. LGBT certainly, and I'm switched on enough to know that the Q stands for "Queer", as in "of otherwise deviant sexuality". I don't have a problem with that, but the abbreviation doesn't come naturally yet. Hell, LGBT still sounds like a sexually liberated sandwich.


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