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Saturday, November 01, 2008

In hoc signo patieris

What happens when you email your in-house translation service the text of a road sign for rendering into Welsh? You get back a translation, right?

Well, unless you get a Welsh out-of-office message which you mistake for a translation.....

The "See also" list on the sidebar of that story is worth a look. I guess after experiences like this with DIY online translation I can see why the Swansea officials thought they would play it safe. What I find hard to understand is why none of those involved - who were after all in bilingual Wales - had enough Welsh even to suspect that something was wrong. I mean, they must have seen broadly similar signs hundreds of times already.

Perhaps this sign is an attempt at Welsh language promotion that went a bridge too far, so to speak.

Perhaps this apparent cock-up was actually a subtle attempt on the part of the Anglophones to wipe out those pesky Welsh-speakers. (Or, depending on where the sign was sited, vice versa.)


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