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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Entartete Musik - coming (or rather, not) to a school near you

I'll take half a dozen deep breaths before blogging this story, I think.


OK, ready now. The AQA has removed a Gary Glitter song from its GCSE syllabus.

Not because it's crap (though I've never been much of a fan), or because it's irrelevant to the topic being studied, but for no other reason than that Mr Gadd (to use his real name) has convictions for child sex offences. Now I'm no fan of paedophiles, nor for that matter of rapists, indecent exposers, wife-beaters or any number of other kinds of human dross. But.


Which of the cretinous statements in that report from those set in authority over us, or, God help them, our children, makes me most want to vomit?

Is it the unnamed deputy head teacher who told the Sun "He's a convicted paedophile jailed for sexually abusing kids. It's completely inappropriate to recommend him as listening material." ? Perish the thought. Coming up next, Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears (whoops, homosexual, can't have them corrupting our kids with their sodomy-soaked music), Richard Wagner (a particularly unpleasant anti-semite, so totally inappropriate for schools), and The Beatles (users of psychedelic drugs, and what kind of example does that set for our children?) Actually, his comment "Boys and girls of 15 or 16 who select this song will go straight to the internet to find Glitter's music" is quite funny. I wonder what he thinks they would find if they did: when I Googled "Gary Glitter" I didn't find a single site showing child pornography or offering to put paedophiles in touch with each other. I'm prepared to bet, however, that Nameless Dullard's pupils frequently view stuff on the web that would make him choke on his Ovaltine.

Or is it Kidscape director Michelle Elliot? "It sends totally the wrong message to paedophiles' victims.... Thousands of children take this exam. If they buy his song it could be a nice earner for him." If we were talking about Gadd making a profit in some way from his criminal activities, perhaps by publishing a book about his prison experiences, I would entirely agree that it shouldn't be on a school syllabus. But here we're talking about a record (one with no overt sexual content) and about Gadd's making money from his hard work in having made it some thirty years ago, and before his child-abusing days. "Send totally the wrong message"? What message? That if you work hard and are lucky you can briefly be a pop star? Mmm, we don't want kids studying music to get the idea it might lead to a career for them. It isn't meant to be a useful subject, after all.

Perhaps the (nameless again) government spokesperson saying that the song's inclusion was "totally unacceptable" and calling for its removal?

No, probably it's Dr John Dunford saying "all teachers will have rejected the idea of using this material". And he'd know that because he's in mental touch with every teacher in the country (and if he didn't wear a tinfoil hat the constant psychic chatter might render him unbalanced).

Personally I consider these imbeciles as big a threat to children as Gadd. Probably bigger: at least he's on the Sex Offenders' Register.

Anyway, my course is clear. First of all, I think, all these morons should be strapped down and forced to watch (as Clockwork Orange - style therapy) Chris Morris's Brass Eye paedophilia special. Here we are:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Then all the children who have been saved from listening to Gary Glitter should watch these extracts from The Rite Of Spring. One of the greatest pieces of music of all time, and with dance wholly appropriate to its subject matter.

The beginning
The end

Now we've sorted out the kids and their "educators", let's do the right thing and post a link to the banned Gary Glitter track.

I'm The Leader Of The Gang


At 14 November, 2008 18:33, Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

You nailed a really rotten story with great skill Mr Rob!


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